Quotes about the World Food Safety Day

Quotes about the World Food Safety Day

Food is among the important necessities for the sustenance of life. People would be capable to survive with out garments and shelter, however they cannot survive with out food.

Quotes about the World Food Safety Day

World Food Safety Day

The World Food Safety Day is a United Nations food day celebrated every year. The day was designed to strengthen global coordination in the implementation of food safety programs. Food safety is considered as one of the crucial aspects of the food industry. World Food Safety Day celebrated every year on July 16 since 1992. World Food Safety Day is celebrated every year at different place around the world. World Food Safety Day is celebrated to raise awareness for maintaining food safety to promote sustainable food systems. It also focuses on reducing the number of foodborne diseases. World Food Safety Day helps the businesses and food manufacturing sector to develop best practices. 1. Food and agriculture is the key to economic growth.

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The Importance of Food

It is a need to maintain the population in a state of food security for any society to flourish. This of course is a common goal for almost all countries. Food is an essential need for all mankind; it is the most basic element that all humans on this planet consume. It is important to mention that food is necessary for the mental and physical development of humans. Food ensures the physical strength and body capabilities of humans. World Food Safety Day World Food Safety Day was established by the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) in 1989. The date was chosen to be November 19 to commemorate the founding of FAO. The concept of the program was to educate the public about safe food and encourage them to consume safe food.

World Food Safety Day Videos

The Importance of Food Safety

Food Safety refers to the process by which the food you buy and prepare is safe to eat and the importance of taking the steps necessary to reduce the risk of illness from food-borne pathogens. The United Nations has appointed World Food Safety Day every year to remind people of the importance of food safety. The purpose of the food safety awareness day is to raise awareness on the importance of food safety. The different types of food safety activities There are different types of food safety activities that people can perform. Some of these activities are: Vaccine: These are most effective when they are combined with other measures. Vaccines can reduce your chances of getting sick if you get the foodborne diseases like food poisoning.

Quotes about Food Safety

  • “Health is wealth.” – Muhammad Yunus
  • “We will not be alive if our health doesn’t take precedence over our greed.” – Dr. Iyassu Essien,
  • Consultant of Food and Environmental Hygiene “Everyday millions of lives are lost due to foodborne disease, with the largest number occurring in children. This can no longer be accepted.” – Harry Thomas, MD, Executive Director, Foodborne Diseases Association
  • “Food safety is not a luxury. It is a necessity.” – Michel Crozier, Canadian Food Inspection Agency Food Safety Regulation In April 2001,
  • Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) was enacted by the United States. The goal of the Act is to strengthen national food safety infrastructure and strengthen food safety.


Thus it can be said that Food is a basic necessity and that we need to provide a safe and secure food source to satisfy the basic need of food supply. WFD brings out the fact that people need to take initiative to check their food and be aware of food contamination. Health is very important and it is also necessary to eat a well balanced diet. We can be very healthy by ensuring our right food and eating regularly.

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